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Take the Centre of the Ring


go the distance

An innovative approach to delivering life coaching through boxing, increasing self-awareness and confidence, and promoting both physical and mental fitness.

Female boxing life coach Yu-Fei Amy Pu holding pads for a participant to throw an uppercut on target.


A portrait of female boxing life coach, Yu-Fei Amy Pu

Yu-Fei (Amy) Pu

7 years of training and competing as an amateur boxer, now a boxing coach, referee and judge, I experienced it personally as well as witnessing first-hand the impact boxing has on people and their lives. Combining my skills and unique coaching style, I am on a mission to help and support you to discover yourself and to embark on a transformational journey. 

The boxing life coach Yu-Fei Amy Pu talking to a client sitting on the apron outside of a boxing ring in a boxing gym.


"Amy Pu is a first class life coach, she has helped me become more self aware, content and equipped me with tools to help me manage my anxiety better.

She is challenging but in a positive way and is a great listener, even when I am not articulating my issue clearly.

Amy is very emphatic and follows up with compassion in helping me take action through her coaching.

She is very good at explaining concepts which I have struggled to comprehend in the past.

I have had many sessions with clinical psychologists in the past and Amy for me has been so much more beneficial in helping me improve my mental health and wellbeing.

If you are lucky enough and Amy has availability, I would definitely recommend her as a life coach."

K Tsang


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